Nasty Comments from Quackwatch Visitors

Stephen Barrett, M.D. 

Many people feel deeply offended when their beliefs are challenged. Here's a selection of nasty e-mail comments I have received from such people during the past few years. Most were sent anonymously; the rest were edited remove identifying information. I find it interesting how people who disagree with something I write assume all sorts of evil things about my motivation, insult my intelligence,to call me nasty names, and/or wish bad things would happen to me. Religious themes are also common. Many writers appear to believe that my views are determined by financial considerations and/or controlled by outside entities such as drug companies or organized medicine. Many appear absolutely certain that their health-related beliefs are valid. Many appear to be incapable of considering that my Internet activities reflect my genuine beliefs and are done as a public service.

There really is something evil possessing you Dr Barrett. You might try putting your talents to something that uses love instead of hate. I actually feel sorry for you because you will die without a single friend in the world. You inherited some very unorthodox genes. Change your ways before it is too late. It is so obvious your soul is dark and cold. I don't think you are a very happy person. Think about it.

I'd like to report a fraud. That would be Quackwatch, the FDA, the AMA, the pharmaceutical industry, the cancer industry and this Barrett Jackass who runs the website called Quackwatch. However, keep up the good work of exposing the real healers and supplements. I know if something that I've heard about might actually be good for my health or an "alternative" provider might know his or her stuff, I can be assured that you dickheads will feature it on your website.

You are a total asshole. Who pay your bills? Big pharma?

Hello Stephen! I wanted to send you an e-mail letting you know your quackwatch website is ironic because in reality, you are the real quack. Your head should be pictured on the ducks shoulders. I request an immediate update to your website. Everyone is waking up to the lies and BS you and others like yourself try to spread. You will not stop people from seeing the truth, its too late. You will go down in history as a shmuck, an idiot and a murderer.


So old Stephen Barrett is sill at the same evil works. Your web site is good to find the latest GOOD THERAPIES. We know you are the QUACK and not a real doctor by the way. The people are getting smarter and soon you may be charged for the many crimes against humanity, as Hitlers crew were charged. God is so good and VENGENCE belongs to the Lord. I called and talked to you back in 1990 and realized you were LOST and the love of money was all you cared about. But you never know, maybe your heart will soften as you get older and begin to realize judgement day is near for you. God's mercies are new every morning. God Bless.

Greetings! I really believe you should retire. You have been brain washed far too long and your opinions are not relevant anymore. Make a positive contribution to today's humanity and move on - you're too old now. Your hate will not do you any good when you're on your deathbed. Best wishes,

By reading a few of your articles, you've proven to me that you're the Quack that one should watch out for. I'll be sure in the future to warn everybody I know to steer clear of Quackwatch, it's the true Quack publication. I wish that I had the to prove to you how unknowledgeable you are about you write about, but I don't have the time, nor do you deserve it. I've already wasted too much time typing this email as you don't even deserve this much time You appear either to be a sore loser or on the payroll of the drug companies and I don't know which is worse.

You are nothing but a whore for the interests of those who profit from a poisonous food supply. You, et. al., do everything possible to hide the truth concerning health. Your actions harm many people. You should be ashamed. I hope you have no children of your own to destroy by being a living example of the worst humanity has to offer.

Dr Barrett is a faggot.

you are quite possibly the largest fool the medical industry has ever know, thats if you are a real person and not a government implant. 98% of everything you say is drawn from brain dead arm chair scientists who were outed historically. Im going to do my best to blacklist you and your site as it is a hindrance to society.

Do the human race a favor and remove your own website,you producer of propaganda

Hello I have a complaint to file. It is urgent and needs to be file for humanity's sake! We need to file a complaint against stephen barrett, he is the biggest piece of shit walking on this earth. This guy is a scummiest mother fucker alive! He is a filthy slime small dick bitch who couldnt get a girl if his life depended on it! He is an illuminati puppet souless low life bitch! Please file an immediate complaint to get this guy into a prison cell with bubba so he can get what he deserves. we are watching you mother fucker have been for some time now. you clock is ticking tick tock tick tock. Yours Truely, The Constitutionalists. {This message was sent about 500 times over a 3-hour period.]

I am an massage therapist and practice JB Myofascial Release and Craniosacral Therapy. I just found your article on the net about "cranio therapy" being silly. I was amused as it was apparent that you really had no idea what you were talking about. Then I searched your name and it turns out you aren't even a doctor and that you had in fact dropped out of school. Then I saw you were born in 1933? No wonder your views on alternative medicine is outdated and you hold fast to the outdated allopathic ideology that is sinking like a ship in a bad storm.

Stephen Barrett is a fuckin loser. Stop your propaganda.

I am wondering just how much money you are paid by agencies like the FDA, AMA., and of course, in your debilitated mind, the "highly honorable pharmaceutical concerns" to slander many different medical modalities. It is the ignoramuses and bigoted non-thinkers like you that further the plague of idiopathic deaths that are rampant in the world. I can remember, back in the 1960's and 1970's how the royal sophists of the allopathic community warned their patients that food produced little impact upon their health. Those same pundits argued against the use of probiotics, of leaky gut syndrome, and other issues that have proven relevant today. Unfortunately, and despite evidence to the contrary, materialistic non-thinkers like yourself will continue to avail themselves upon the ignorant, to prey upon them, and to spread their ignorance. Fortunately, your ignorance will strangle you in the end. The world will be a better place when your lot has vanished. Physician-candidate class 2015.

Who pays you off? Do you have a tramp stamp that says "BOUGHT.SOLD&OWNED"? If chemotherapy is the answer, why is there more cancer deaths than EVER? You obviously have no answer. You're a sick individual. I wouldn't even say that you're a human.Natural is the only way to go...sellout whore!

Re; Linus Pauling. What a shame the world is full of fools like those desperate to debunk the greatest American scientist. Your efforts have not fooled everyone. I hope your reward is that you get cancer and have no access to vitamin C. A fitting finish.

You suck.

I've read a number of your "quackwatch" articles on some of newer procedures that weren't around in your day, but really work. Too bad you only review them and never try them. I think it's you who are the quack. It's too bad you're living in the past. I have an alternative and preventative medical doctor here in N.J. who has treated both myself and my spouse for over 9 years. He is a brilliant man who has kept us healthy through Ozone therapy, On Damed, chelation, silver, supplements and the invaluable education he has given us throughout the years . You really need to come into the 21st century. Your ideas and opinions are archaic at best. It's people like you who keep Americans SICK with your medicines that cause more problems, unnecessary tests and all the other baggage from a medical school you went to more than 30 or so years ago. It's people like you who have insurance carriers deny more and more services and procedures that actually may help an individual. You sound like a very close minded person, or you wouldn't write articles about procedures you obviously know nothing about. No, you're the type who researches other peoples work and then gives your own opinion. I feel sorry for you. You're extremely ignorant for a physician. You are a legend in your own mind. You should be banned from the internet!

If you really believe all the stuff you say about allopathic vs. alternative medicine you must be one of the biggest MORONS ever to walk the face of the earth. OR You are just another brainwashed under duress, product of the Pharmacuetical Medical Industry (PMI) like just about ALL of the other fucked-up MDs. OR You are just another evil SHILL for the Pharmacuetical Medical Industry (PMI). Which is it?

People should stay away from morons like you.

I read your article on Gary Null. I think you are a quack or an idiot, or maybe just well paid.

I think you're a very narrow minded person and I wouldnÕt be surprised if your pockets are stuffed with money from Monsanto and big Pharma. I would bet you're a republican and you believe God created the universe in a few thousand years. Your either a fraud, ignorant or a sociopath. Maybe all three. I don't know how you can look at yourself.

I am a graduate educated nurse who has also had severe health problems over the years, necessitating immense research and expertise pertaining to health matters. I also did most of a graduate degree in research, so I know how to evaluate scientific studies. You are an immensely misguided, sick individual and your attitude of scientific inquiry is, in fact, the complete opposite of what it should be. Your website is the single, most damaging website on the internet. You are amazingly ignorant and mentally ill/unbalanced. You really should seek the services of a professional therapist; I also recommend more health research to find out why you are the way you are. Also, you clearly have no conscience or you wouldn't be promoting your ignorance so forcefully on the internet. I have no idea if there is something to the notion of karma (if there is, you will pay and probably are already, hence your hostility and narrow-mindedness), but there does seem to be a law of attraction that operates in people's lives. You must be an incredibly unhappy, insecure individual, and you care not that you are hurting legitimate individuals and companies. Doesn't this make you evil?

I want to report a fraudulent website. It's called What a bunch of shit.

Stephen Barrett, M.D. who wrote that ignorant, biased article on colloidal silver is fucking retarded. In fact the whole quack watch website is fucking retarded. While you're waging war on harmless foods nature intended for us to eat, you should be condemning the bullshit man-made drugs the government doles out to people like it's fucking candy. Man-made drugs that are way more harmful than a fucking diet on natural foods are. All the "doctors" who write all those biased bullshit articles are full of shit, and they don't have any concrete evidence to back up all the hogshit they spew. They cant get evidence, because you cant get evidence for bullshit. These "doctors", who are really just agents for the government to dole out poison they call "medicine" are just afraid a fucking orange or herb will put them out of work if their patients get cured by some holistic medicinal means. Same for the pharmaceutical industry; if more people are cured by holistic medicinal means, they'll loose money. Simple as fucking that. I remember a story where a man who found the cure for cancer was murdered. I forget his name. Why not condemn the poisons "doctors" and pharmacists dole out?? They are the real fucking quacks, who don't give a fuck about anyone's health and well-being, and all they care about is making money. I don't hear anyone on this dumb ass quack watch website condemning the Monsanto evil-doers, or the demons in the food industry who fill our food with hydrogenated oils, MSG, and other harmful additives. Keep eating your so-called "healthy" foods full of soy shit, canola oil, MSG, and other poisons the government wants you to believe is food. You people need to shut the fuck up for the sake of others who don't know any better.

The modern medical industrial establishment is a racket and you're an accomplice. You're aiding in killing people. I hope you sleep really poorly at night.

I am 72 and in very good health. Never been hospitalized since age 14 for tonsillectomy. I have been taking natural supplements, eating vegetables and eating pretty much whatever I wish to eat in moderation. I also juice. I have a belief that I believe keeps me healthy and that is that the AMA, ADA, and big pharma are criminal organizations who have no real interest in keeping us healthy as YOU make no money from healthy people. Thus, I stay away from doctors, hospitals and drugs. The United States is the most unhealthy nation in the world with rampant medical problems affecting us from childhood through adulthood. This is because of medical shills like you who prey on the ignorance of people in order to get rich. You are a morally bankrupt mental midget! And traditional medicine doesn't have a cure for cancer either does it?

Just more proof that the big pharms are scratching another doctors back. Any doctor that discredits any helpful medical progression, must treat their patients as just another dollar sign. Why else would you deny them ANY form of possible healing? Instead of continually posting other back scratching doctors, self righteous "studies", why don't you talk to and post the caring doctors studies of how these wonderful herbs and alternative medicines are leading patients to health and healing?? You are treating the fact that the intergration of modern and alternative medicine is the worst thing that could happen! If you weren't so worried about the almighty dollar, you would see these people as a soul, and not just money in your pocket! I know another issue is that you and your buddies think you are the Almighty. Shame on you for denying your patients the possibility of healing when your precious, fake drugs are causing more side effects and deaths than any natural products could ever achieve! I'm so grateful that I've never been subjected to doctors like yourself and the others that support your site. I'll pray for your patients and theirs that they will recognize that they are merely experiments for the drug companies! I'll pray for YOUR soul!! Until you take your last breathe, it's never too late to be saved. You need to take a long, hard look at yourself and why you became a doctor. Wouldn't you do whatever it took to save or make well a family member? Your child? What if that turned out to be only something "alternative"? Or the mixture of everything? Are you going to hold back and give them only the man made chemicals? Really? By the way, you can't take a thing with you when you die. Is your material belongings that important? Did you keep up with the Jones?

You are teh Quack , why do you use MD behind you name , when in reality you are dick all, and have not gort a clue of what is going on the natural health revolutiomn is getting stronger and better.

Delusional fuck, ya you Stephen Barrett, pathetic fuck, you will be arrested one of these days for your lies, if not, judged by God on your atrocities.

Seriously? You are gonna sit there with a hidden smirk on your face and claim that no suppression "conspiracy" for cancer cure(s) has ever been brought to light? Gee, wonder where your paycheck comes from?! Know this, Americans are waking up in droves, on a daily basis! You're quackery days are numbered!! Shame on you. Please tell me your dumb ass doesn't have children. They have to grow up in this intentionally polluted world as well, you nitwit. You are either severely compartmentalized and naive, or more likely, have allowed your morals to be compromised for some fiat currency and a few trinkets!!! We see you!!!!

Dr. whom ever you are: In reading your site I am astounded at the stories you can actually come up with. I have had it with your semi-innuendos of Quaquery devised to only serve the big pharmaceutical industry. You serve the money holders and givers interests. I serve the poor. I will never stop curing the poor. You will never stop calling us quacks to line your pockets. We serve the poor for the love of life. So get on with your marketing tricks radar and continue to fish in the believers of your financial trickery and send me the people that have been sent home all poisoned up to die and I will make them healthy again. Go ahead and challenge me on this one. I will win all the time. As to you and your scientific big pharma bodies, you will get rich but you will not have helped human kind because you have tricked them to believing in your scientific data and money schemes. I'm not a money rich doctor but I have peace of mind when I go to bed at night. Actually I believe that you do not have a soul you have a money printing machine instead. You, all you have is lots of green stuff in a bank account. Yes, It is definitely a question as to what one prefers. Why don't you try to tell the truth for once and stop calling on scientific data to serve your greedy needs. And I will on keep treating the poor under the radar and save their lives in secret. I like what I do. Have fun in believing in your scientific pharmaceutical world.

Stephen Barrett, self-proclaimed M.D., is the world's largest farce that could possible exist, spreading lies about those who help others get rid of disease. Working for the drug companies, Barrett attempts to prosecute those who have a true desire to make the world a better place to live in. . . . Too bad Barrett is simply a paid puppet of the drug cartel. I have to repeat that so you get it. . . . Anything you say to refute this is simply another lie of Stephen Barrett, who is not an M.D. at all. He is simply a fraud, working as a paid puppet of the drug companies. This is well known, and people like me continue to educate those of his and his cronies, extra-ordinarily evil nature. Barrett is one who deserves the death penalty for his crimes against humanity. I am one who can see the energies of people and know what they are feeling. Again, Stephen Barrett is a massive fraud. The world will get lucky one of these days in the next 3.7 weeks and he'll fall dead from a massive heart attack so he will no longer be a fungal infection upon society.

Hey, moron. After looking at your list of quacks, I have concluded that you are the one who is of questionable medical judgement. Your accusations against Dr. Russell Blaylock, in particular, has convinced me that you are the dangerous one. I think you represent everything wrong with modern medicine (of which I have high regard for with respect to its ability to treat traumatic injuries) which seems hell bent on treating symptoms rather than promoting wellness. I, for one, would like to say, screw you. I would listen to Dr. Blaylock over you any day.

Obviously (whomever 'you' is) You have never tried any of the modalities that you so easily and fraudulently slander. I suppose people like you, masquerading as 'do gooders' , have nothing better to do. I for one, have found allopathic medicine to be as much quackery as anything; and is pretty much about a starched, often arrogant individual, who spends 10 minutes going over, what his underlings have provided for them. There are great healers,(some are actually Drs.) but on average, most healers are not medical practitioners. Without the drugs, surgery, and other modes that you so-called drs. use to treat illness. I have never been healed by medical drs. merely had symptoms subside, only to re-surface more horrendously later down the road. And any time I was truly healed, it was because they used complementary types of healing, not just drugs. I suggest you put your knowledge to much better usage, like turning people on to these fantastic, and very healing modalities, that can, and do save lives; every day. Yes there are quacks—but your slanderous, and ill informed collection of lies, is as big a Quack as anything I've EVER seen. Wise up, get real, help others. What you are doing is an incredible dis-service to all of human kind. Whose payroll are you on?

Well, after you put down Nu Skin's BioPhotonic Scanner, I realized you are the quack. I got real results from Life Pak Nano after I took the test that showed I had an extremely low immune system score. Within one month it shot up 7K points and in 3 months, I'm way above the national average score at 37. You are lying and must be a paid shill by the FDA, that is seeking to poison and kill us all. It's so obvious who you are and what your purpose is.

Do the world a favor and please take down your website. You are a doctor of a prior generation. Outdated thought. Lack of experience with patients in a practice in this day and age. Lack of real-life experience with patients who suffer from chronic illnesses. I suggest that instead of passing judgement on others in alternative medicine via data and old-world medical problem-solving methods, that you yourself try some of the treatments. try sacral cranial treatment. Try acupuncture. I also suggest meeting with patients with chronic illness who are seeing results w alternative treatments. The world is different today vs 30 years ago—it moves faster everyday and stress is increasing in us in a manner that we were not meant to experience. You need to talk to the people like myself, who only try alternative medicine once they have exhausted every avenue in traditional medicine and are so desperate that they will "try" anything. Were hypocrites who called the alternative medicine practices "quacks" when we were healthy and able to swim as well.

Hi, i have been following Dr Day's advice and she has helped tons of people and i just want to say, FUCK YOU YOU WORTHLESS SCUMBAG Stephen Barrett, M.D.

I find it quite unbelievable that you have reviewed the list of questionable organizations, operations, professions, etc. with enough ensight to actually make an ascertation of their authenticity, reliability, or credibility. Like you are the GURU of reality and God is you in the Universe of Existance. You and whatever you consider your constituency and audience of believers are full of rectal discharge, human excrement, as well as vile and distasteful tunnel colon vision. I bet you believe that the FDA, CIA, FEMA and all the other government rat patrol organizations are operating in the best interest of the public also. Yep, you are definately NAZI material.

"My wife did take B17, high doses of Vitamin C and did NOT take any radiation or chemo (other than the estrogen blocking Tamoxifin pill) and she has been alive and cancer free for 3 years after stage 2/3 breast cancer. Of course the medical Dr. in our country said masectomy and chemo+raidation was the only way to survive. The older I get, the less I believe what is the so called truth from our so called leaders. I don't really find this funny." I know who you realy work for - you are an anal sucking maggot the lowest form of human trash that exists- - Know about eugenics and genocide. We are proving everyday that cancer is a deficiency disease !!!! and you and your whoremaster cant stop that.

You're the biggest Quack on the net . . . I've read you're shit, that's exactly what it is . . . shit . . . Fuck you and your medications. . . Orthomolecular Medicine cured me of schizoaffective disorder after 8 years of hell, due to reading your negative shit regarding its application. . . I met someone at an advocacy group who used it and decided to meet an MD who practiced it and in less then 3 moths i was cured. . . So fuck you jerk off. . . Thank you for believing you were right. . . I'd sue your ass if I could and the people you condemn should definitely sue you.

He is great and you are blind for not seeing the simplicity of the truth of what cancer really is. You are killing people indirectly by discrediting one of the few real cancer solutions that work 100% of the time. you will answer to a higher power some day for the opportunity to save lives rather than take life by supporting mainstream conventional cut burn and poison mega $$$$ lies of the enemy of God. Repent now and be saved by the precious blood of Jesus that your blind eyes may be opened. Are you or your quacks that are the true quacks greater that Otto Warburg who won the Nobel Prize for discovering the true cause of cancer? Yet the early mainstream medical researchers and beginning of big pharma (look it up it means witchcraft and sorcery in the Greek and Hebrew). Warburg's work was swept under the carpet and cancer was made something complicated with all kinds of DNA and genetic origins and implications and lifted to a level of speculated complication that no one can understand even to this day, when the whole time the solution is so simple you can do it yourself. Retract these negative accusations or face the eventual judgment of God. You are cursed until you do. Repent now so that you can clearly see. There is a whole world of us getting incredible results. There is a whole world of believers who know the future of the earth and the eventual demise of mankind and coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Paul the Apostle persecuted Christians just as you are persecuting something so needed. He was met on the road to Damascus where his eyes were opened. Read about it in the Holy Bible or perhaps you already know. I will pray that your eyes will be opened who ever you are I do not know but God knows. God bless you.

Subject: Black salve. How much of a quack are you? Do you know where the term comes from? I would love you to reply to me as I believe you are just another one of those "doctors" who knows no more than what your Univeristy lecturers told you that you need to know for your piece of paper " medical degree". Do you have a brain outside your degree and do you think outside the Pharmaceutical rhelms of medicine? I think not, as you are "just another Dr. Shame on you for accepting your education as it was presented! You should die by your own conviction and I wish you that. Please do reply, don't just remain an internet fool.

Add this one to the thousands of negative emails you get "Dr." Barrett. You are one clueless ignoramus who has no soul. We'll see what you do once you get your diagnosis of cancer. Cut, poison, and burn? Only then will you have your epiphany.

Responses to This Page

Regardless of what your detractors say, I believe you are doing fantastic work for the world in exposing quacks. I read the selection of nasty emails you saw fit to publish. It is really disappointing to see this sort of response to the diligent and painstaking work you do, but I guess it shows the ignorance of many people and the general unwillingness of humans to change belief even in the presence of overwhelming contrary evidence. This is especially so when people have spent time and effort buying-in to a concept or idea. It often seems no amount of persuasion is sufficient to change minds.

Just want to say how appalled I was reading the nasty comments people send you. I hate to think some of those people are actually "professionals" giving people medical advice. I was really disturbed reading a comment from someone telling you how you will be judged by God someday or something like that. so as a Christian, I just wanted to say bless you for doing what you are doing. I have really enjoyed checking in on your site over the years. I really am sad to see how far people have been deceived into quackery of all sorts on a daily basis and I hope people will wake up and just stop and use some logic and see the truth. I hope the negative comments people send you will not discourage you from the wonderful work you are doing and have been doing over the years. Best wishes.

It takes a lot of courage to have a website like this; especially after reading the negative comments that've been thrown your way. Nevertheless, their replies (most of which are "it worked for me so you are wrong", "you suck", expletives, and fallacies) are to be expected. Though, I imagine expecting them doesn't make them any less stressful to read. As loud and obnoxious as the opposition is, there are people who quietly appreciate the work that is done here. Keep it up!

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