Dubious Diagnostic Tests

Stephen Barrett, M.D.

Most of the tests listed below have little or no diagnostic value. A few are legitimate for some purposes but are used improperly for others. Those marked with an asterisk (*) are done primarily or exclusively by chiropractors. If you encounter a practitioner who uses or abuses any of these tests, you should seek advice elsewhere. Practitioners who do live cell analysis, biological terrain assessment, dental sensitivity testing, and cytotoxic testing in their offices are required to have CLIA approval for high-complexity testing. Except for freestanding commercial laboratories, blood banks, hospitals, and large medical offices, very few facilities have high-complexity approval. Only a few states restrict the use of unestablished laboratory tests. Nevertheless, if you encounter a practitioner who does these four tests and is not obviously running a laboratory, please ask your state laboratory department to investigate.

Blood Tests

Saliva Tests

Urine Tests

Hair Tests

Dubious Devices

Imaging Procedures

Physical Examination Procedures

Skin Tests



Internet Testing

Questionable (Nonstandard) Laboratories
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